Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thoughts from the woods.

I am writing this from the comfort of a warm sleeping bag in a tent in the woods. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of new tyranid rules in january to begin assembling my army. They sit in my room currently as bits on sprues I started buying kits in june and assembled a few models (some hormogants and one magnetized carnifex which is still in progress). I have been following rumors online about the new codex to determine what weapons I should start put on my gaunts and warriors. Here is the conundrum: GW has clamped down on information leaks so my building has come to a stand still, I don't even want to put together feeder tendril genestealers in fear of them not being viable anymore...

So I sit in my tent thinking over the make up of my army as it exists now. I purchased a battleforce and one of those boxes GW released for apocalypse (essentially 2 battleforces plus an extra carnifex) If I remember correctly I bought two additional warrior boxes as well as two extra gaunt boxes and a box or two of extra genestealers. I also have three metal raveners partly assembled, but news of plastic raveners makes me very happy! I do have a broodlord and lictor assembled if I remember correctly. Certainly I have 10 fleshborer weilding gaunts and 8 genestealers and some spore mines finished from my battle for macragge box. One model is painted with a test scheme which I will post when I return home from camping.

However, with all this waiting for a book to give reason to assemble tyranids, I am starting to want to buy some of the awesome new skaven models. This is a bit silly, I know, but the new models are so awesome looking, especially the doom wheel and plague furnace thing.

I already have my black templars, who are half finished, as is evident from my previous list and photos. My nids are on pause until the codex hits in january, or scans hit the internet before.
On the fantasy side of things, I have a sizeable dwarf army that has not seen a game since the 6th edition army book. I have the new one but have not pursued games or taken time to stay fluent on fantasy (it's definitely more complicated than 40K). Starting another fantasy army is obsurd with my schedule, but I have always been drawn to the rat men since the WD scenario at the abbey between bretonnia, vampire counts and skaven. Time to resist the new army bug.

Of course, I could always start that preheresy thousand sons army I've always wanted to do...

Time to zip up my bag and sleep on it.


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