Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Tournament Point Level Army

I've been working on an 1850 list that is a take all list for any game type. This particular version has been played a couple times against my brother's Dark Angels, however, he's not the most diverse tactician and is easy to read and beat (dice being willing of course). This is the list:

Black Templars - 1850 pts
Emperor's Champion
Suffer Not the Unclean to Live

Crozius Arcanum
Bolt Pistol

5x Sword Brethren Veterans w/ Counter Attack
3x Bolt Pistol / CCW / Combat Shield
1x Lightning Claw pair
1x Bolt Pistol / Power Weapon / Combat Shield
Razorback w/ Heavy Bolter
Extra Armor
Smoke Launchers

8x Black Templars (BP/CCW)
6x Neophytes w/ shotguns

10x Black Templars (BP/CCW)
Extra Armor
Smoke Launchers

5x Black Templars (Bolters)
5x Neophytes w/ Bolt Pistol / CCW

5x Black Templars (Bolters)
5x Neophytes w/ Bolt Pistol / CCW

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader

Predator Annihilator w/ Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Extra Armor
Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter
Smoke Launchers

Dozer Blade
Extra Armor
Power of the Machine Spirit
Smoke Launchers

I feel this list has the ability to take on many opponent builds. I also think I fixed the weaknesses (no mobility) in the list from earlier this year (see earlier post). My gaming is limited, so I'm not delusional to think that I will hold my own against every army due to no experiences playing against them. So far I have played against a few Tau armies, Chaos Marines, Dark Angels, Imperial Guard (with and without Demon Hunter allies), Vanilla Space Marines, Demon Hunters and Tyranids. I haven't used this list against any except a half game against Dark Angels. Furthermore, I haven't played any other armies recently, some I haven't played against since third edition. In the list above, each unit has a specific role on the table top.

Photo Notes: I realize I have a few unpainted and not fully assembled models. I also see that in the photos my tanks are dusty... So far, I am happy with this list so keep checking in as I get this army painted completely. Also, the list from earlier this year is completely painted.

14 man Crusader Squad and Emperor's Champion mounted in the Crusader

This Squad is the main offensive unit in the list. It's role is to seize objectives and eliminate infantry. The idea is to have the Crusader charge to the center of the opponent lines. The armor and speed of the crusader should deliver the squad unharmed to the enemy early in the game. The unit should exit the tank and assault the enemy by turn two and start making a mess of enemy lines, preferably anti armor weapons. Since the Templars are Strength 5 and have a great deal of attacks in combat they should do short work of anything besides the most heavily armored elite infantry; terminators are such a unit and should be avoided.

The Neophytes with shotguns are to lend fire support before the assault. 6 shots at Assault 2 gives a high rate of fire that should make my opponent fail some armor saves. I will try to have the Crusader only move 6 inches the turn the squad exits to assault to lend covering fire. a twin linked assault cannons and Hurricane Bolters deliver a devastating amount of attacks. 16 total within 12" with re-rolls to hit! The idea is to hit the largest infantry unit on the table, reduce their numbers with firepower and clean up in assault with Strength 5 initiates. I believe this will help eliminate "tar pit" units and high model count objective holders.

The Emperor's Champion boost the units leadership and provides high strength, armor save ignoring attacks. Hopefully, He can even take on Dreadnoughts. In no way do I plan to seek out the heavy walkers but they are popular counter attackers and infantry line supporters due to their similar movement ability.

10 man Crusader Squad mounted in Rhino

These guys are equipped to seek out and seize objectives that are away from the rest of the army. also being mounted in a rhino allows them to counter Deep Striking units or outflanking units. They have no ability to combat a Terminator squad or Melta speeder, for example, but can tie up the unit to prevent them from doing harm to the back lines of the rest of the Templar force. The plan is to hold them off from doing either job until mid game and then going after the ignored objective or threats deployed from reserve. in an annihilation game this unit acts as a flank attacker, going after small fragile units and static heavy weapon infantry squads. Smoke Launchers should provide safety to gainground early in the game. Hooray for fourth edition smoke rules!

2 10 man Crusader Squad with Lascannons

These squads have two jobs. The first is to hold the objective they are deployed on, when the mission has objectives. The second is to take out advancing armor, transports specifically. The Neophytes in the squad are to give the unit a higher body count and provide extra attacks if the unit is assaulted. They are cheaper than initiates and have 2 attacks with the bolt pistols and close combat weapons.

Sword Brethren and Chaplain mounted in Razorback

The job of this unit is to remove elite infantry, i.e. Command Squads, Veteran Squads, Terminators, etc. The razorback provides mobility to deliver the squad to the enemy at quick pace. This squad has an enormous amount of attacks many that ignore armor saves. They have combat shields to give them protection from armor save ignoring weapons to better counter the usual equipment of elite infantry. Their counter attack ability allows them to get the extra attack for charging even if they get charged. The squad will be deployed to counter the enemy's elite units attempt to take out the more importannt parts of my army, Troops and Heavy Support. This squad, however, will avoid Assault Terminators. Their high invulnerable save and strong attacks will be able to resist my attacks easily and then destroy the Sword Brethren in return.

The Chaplain, as the Emperor's Champion above, gives a much needed Leadership boost. The chaplain also has an impressive attack number and strength; He should be able to dispatch independent Characters in the enemy units.


The vindicator's job is easy, Use its strength 10 large blast to remove high armor value vehicles and high armor save infantry (I mean you Land Raiders and assault Terminators). The demolisher cannon has a relatively short range so the Vindicator has a dozer blade and smoke launchers to get it into position turn one to do damage. the Machine spirit allows me to attempt to shoot even if the crew is unable to do so. Yes, the Black Templar's machine spirit is not as good as regular space marines, but i can place the template in a manner that can minimize the danger of an high scatter roll.


The Predator has an anti tank ability if necessary, but will primarily be used as an anti infantry role. the heavy bolters gives an high rate of fire to take out infantry due to failed armor save rolls.

I expect both the Vindicator and Predator to be ignored early in the game with the threat of the land raider, rhino, and razorback all charging the opponent.


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