Friday, December 11, 2009

MK 1 Rhino - Part 1 - side panels

I have begun my MK 1 rhino conversion. progress is slow but looking good so far. I have cut the side panels out and attached them to the sides of the Rhino kit. Platicard is a lot more difficult to work with than I had expected. I recommend making sure you have a new, sharp blade. I did not at first, and cutting the .040" card was a laborious task...

This is a dry fit of the plates, nothing has been rimmed or glued at this point.I cut the pattern a tad larger than indicated by the printout. this way, I could glue the card to the Rhino body and then trim the edges to make it flush. It was better than making it too small!

In this photo I show how I have removed all the rivets and raised parts on the side of the Rhino kit.

Here is a shot of the sides attached:

I am working on the plates for the top of the rhino and the front plate as well. Updates to follow!


Mr.Esty December 11, 2009 at 6:44 PM  

Yes! I tottaly want to do this conversion too!
Looks good so far :)

Keep us posted

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