Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back after a very long hiatus

Welcome back all. I've been very busy over the last 7 months. I'm finishing up school this year. So since the last post I've played some 8th edition Warhammer fantasy, personally I enjoy the new rule set and have worked a little on my skaven during the break as well. Mainly assembling and expanding my army. Unfortunately, not a lot of painting. I have started winning regularly with the ratmen as well, a nice turn of events.

Now fast forward to approximately two months ago. My local store's gaming group was not very accepting of WHFB 8e. and has had a boom in playing Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes system. So I have jumped in with a Skorne army and a new rules system and an escalation league to lose regularly in. Here are some photos of my Skorne models

Furthermore, Privateer Press is challenging people to paint 100 point of models during the month of November, not an easy task! I'm trying here's the unpainted stuff about 103 points worth.


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